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ADRA Competition Finalists

The finalists for the ADRA 2011 competition are (in alphabetical order by last name):

Chi-Yuen Cheng, Hong Kong
Qing Lin, China
Nieh Yu Hsuan, Taiwan

Pie-Ling Liao, Taiwan
Yu-Hey Sze, Hong Kong

Benjamin Cefkin, United States of America
Jung-Tzu Lin, Taiwan
Laura Miller, United States of America
Vince Ocampo, Phillipines
Shih Min Tang, Taiwan
(Alternate) Ting Yuen Chan, Hong Kong

The alternates will be invited in case that a finalist is unable to play in the final round.

The tape round judges were:
Christopher Schaub, Professor of Bassoon at Mahidol University (Chair)
Patrawut Punputhaphong, Principal Bassoon of the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra
Amy Galbraith, Professor of Oboe at Mahidol University
Keri McCarthy, Oboe Professor at Washington State University
Hiroshi Matsushima, Flute Professor at Mahidol University

The tape round was done blind and the judges were not given the contestant's name or any other information. The decision of the judges is final.


The final round will take place on August 16, 2011, at the College of Music, Mahidol University.


For more information, please contact Chris Schaub at adrac2011@gmail.com



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