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The Asian Double Reed Association is a new organization dedicated to serving the needs of all double reed players in Asia. The 2011 ADRA conference is the inaugural event of the organization and is being hosted by Mahidol University, College of Music, located just outside of Bangkok, Thailand.


The conference will feature four full days of concerts by leading double reed artists, as well as masterclasses, presentations, vendor exhibits, and double reed ensembles for all members to participate in. There will be a special hall setup for student performances and all double reed players in attendance will be encouraged to join the mass double reed ensembles that will perform on the final day of the conference. The Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra, Thailand’s leading orchestral ensemble, will be available for evening performances.


The conference will also feature a competition for oboe and bassoon with two separate categories (one for each instrument). The winners will receive a cash prize and an opportunity to perform a concerto with the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra on the final concert of the conference. Contestants that place in the top 15 will receive a travel stipend to attend the conference.


The conference will also place an emphasis on traditional folk double reed instruments, promoting the historical culture of the region. Leading folk performers will be invited to present performances and research about these instruments.


The College of Music is the premier music school in Southeast Asia, offering world-class facilities with a warm and comfortable atmosphere, making the perfect venue to hold a conference.


The conference is open to all teachers, players, and students of the double reed instruments, as well as any fan and music lover. The College of Music and the ADRA welcome everyone to participate in this exciting event.



Asian Double Reed Association Conference
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